Innocents & Awards

Dear Innocents ~

My love to all of you! Thank you all for reading my feelings and sharing in them. I feel less alone in the world when I read your comments and know that others hear me and others understand.
I am extremely humbled by your encouragement and your compliments.
Thank you!!

I must take a moment to accept and acknowledge a few awards that have been passed on to me!! Again, I am HUMBLED  and so grateful for the acknowledgment.

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by onemindmanydetours. This is a thoughtful and inspiring blog. Take some time and check it out!

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by Buckwheatsrisk . A very powerful blog of survival and courage. I love it!

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by May I find peace in this uncertain world . A lovely and hopeful, compassionate and uplifting blog! Another beauty!

I have been passed the Liebster Award by Anilraheja = unfortunately, I cannot find her blogsite 😦 (If you come across this post, my friend, please send me the link so that I can add it to this post.) Thank you!!

I have been passed the ABC Award by Francine In Retirement  who has a very brilliant blog that I very much enjoy!!  Thank you my friend!

I have been passed Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award by Irene’s Words, which is a great blog of strength and inspiration! Thank you, Irene!

I have been passed a combination of 3 awards from Big Mike’s World, an enjoyable and opinionated blog of a well-written man ;). Thank you, Mike for passing along the Liebster Award, The Candle Lighter Award, and The Sunshine Award! I am honored!

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by GreatPoetryMHF’s Weblog. This is a truly amazing blog with spirit and courage – a writer with true strength! Thank you for this award, my friend!

and finally,

I have been passed the Liebster Award by A Bump To The Head, an educational AND fun blog that I REALLY enjoy perusing! Thank you!!

WOW….okay. My goodness! I am a little overwhelmed! I want to thank all of the bloggers who have passed an award on to me. It means so much to me and I can’t thank you enough for the compliment!

You, Innocents, read and join a story with me. Your comments motivate me and make me excited to share! I always look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for all the nominations. I am afraid I do not have time to fulfill the requirements to pass along these awards, but I do want to recognize the lovely bloggers who had received these awards before passing them on to me!
Thank you all and congratulations!

P.S….This is my 100th blog post!! What a terrific 100th!

20 thoughts on “Innocents & Awards

  1. WoW, thank you Maggiemae for your very kind words. I shall certainly check out the other blogs that nominated you with awards.

    CONGRATULATIONS also on reaching your 100th post – a very special & fitting one it was too 🙂

  2. What a good idea. I am so far behind updating all the awards since 2012 began because I kept getting in deeper an deeper and couldn’t fulfil all the requirements. It’s a TON of work? Hmm. I like your idea and am going to use it. Now all I have to do is squeeze another hour out of my day. Have a good one.

  3. well deserved-i myself considered giving you the liebster award, but i had a feeling you may have had over 200 followers, and the award states 200 followers or fewer are required. You do however deserve an award for your wonderful work, so congratulations on gaining so many 🙂

  4. Hi! Well, what a blog you have!! Congratulations on your accomplishments as well. I look forward to future entries.

    All the best/V

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