published pieces

RIPPLES:FRIENDS IN VERSE ANTHOLOGY is available at Amazon. Featuring the work of many talented writers from around the world. *ALL PROFITS WILL BENEFIT ‘OPERATION SMILE’.

*Check out my latest interview with NOSTROVIA POETRY!


TALES FROM THE FOREST – married to a monster

THE SCREECH OWL – it’s just the moon that’s got me

REQUIEM MAGAZINE – cimmerian dolls

THE VEIN – doubt droppings

MADSWIRL – 4 poems

YES, POETRY – in a house (Under Pen Name: Margaret Stringham)

YES, POETRY – published writes (Under The Pen Name: Margaret Stringham)

CURIO POETRY – homemaker




ART 4 THE HOMELESS –!art4th-webzine/vstc13=literary

Other work has appeared in:

40 thoughts on “published pieces

  1. I like this link idea. I’m currently waiting for more submission results. So far, I’ve gotten another reject, but two submissions from the end of last year are still pending. Thanks for liking My Reject Work and for subscribing to my blog. Regards.

  2. Hi Maggie . I’ve read the pages your links carryed me to and feel endeared to you.
    I should only dream of meeting you however you living acroww the other side of the world.
    Anyway just in case we do meet in the future let me say now.
    Welcome to my world. From Craig Alexander Poole

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  4. Hi Maggiemae, thanks for stopping by and liking my recent post! I’ve been taking a peek at some of your work from the links here – really liked the poem posted in Madswirl.

  5. I hope to see a collection of only your works in printed book form. I am well read enough to know that you would do well, and I cherish the intimacy of your words.

  6. Maggie Mae thank you for acknowledging my poem I am so in awe of your writings and new at these things so not sure what the heck I’m doing. Have just finished a book of my poems I am trying to submit as an ebook but have no idea how to even start. If you have any suggestions I would so appreciate you expertise. Thanks Kathy

  7. heard of catfish mcdaris, american meat poet, very tongue in cheek, very nice dude, he has a couple of sites, that’s if you like that sort of stuff anyway past my bedtime, will check your work in coming days and months and thanks for having a look…gotta go!

      • he’s a great poet, surreal, had a chapbook done with Charles Bukowski & San Francisco poet Jack Micheline. Proud to call him by friend

      • I would be as well. I love Charles Bukowski. I can definitely imagine the two of them putting a chapbook together.

      • Me too, had a great influence on my life. Not going to confess but I lived in similar rooming house dumps, reading him made me feel, hey I can give this a shot too. I have 2 great DVDs. One is Bukowski ‘Born into this’ a film by John Dullaghan. The other is Factotum….Bukowski is played by Matt Dillion he does a great job. Also check out Jack Micheline he was an alcoholic, artist, writer, poet, it proves you chew gum and fuck at the same time!

      • I’ve seen Born Into This…didn’t hear about the other one. Will check into Jack Micheline…sounds right up my ally!

      • cheers, factotum is great, one scene he starts working at a pickle factory. The boss hears that Bukowski is a writer. The conversation goes like this..’Bukowski I hear you write, what do you write about’? Bukowski sits there smoking a cigar ‘Oh I write about everything’, now you gotta love a fellow who says that. Factotum was a small book, I loved it, along with Post Office & Ham & Rye…all grist for the mill as they say!

      • Ha! Thats why I enjoy Bukowski…just another Joe. I haven’t read all of Bukowski’s books, but three or so. I loved the documentary. Loved it.

      • yeah me too, he has considering his shitty life quite a sense of humor…that always helps

  8. Thought I would let you know the link Writing Knights Press takes me to a page that’s says does not exist. I would like to see some details about things as I am a bit interested in a possible interview if that is something you would want to think about.

    • That’s strange. I apologize for that. I’ll get a new link. I would definitely be interested in an interview. Please let me know what further information I can get to you.

  9. Hey there, Maggie, how are you? Thank you very much for following my blog, it means a lot. And I am awed by the ethereal poetry you have created. They are just so beautiful! Love them all! Keep rocking!

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