in here

oxygen has stopped moving
a body is melting over a dream
that is alive and well
an intention


we intertwine like parasites
we love like decay

i could be convinced to move out of here
but every moon begs for this same

and I am no moon

and of course it’s beautiful


In here, out there nobody sees. Pomegranate seeds shred through my teeth and we accept it. He smiles and of course it’s beautiful.
A blood moon grows 10,000 times what it was, in here. Out there, nobody knows.
I count, up to seven minutes in Heaven and wonder, in here.
Out there, nobody waits.
Everybody talks.
Everybody spits venom in the eyes of people they love.

I love him for the birds, he just doesn’t belong in here. 
This desert is mine.
I sleep on cactus beds and wait….with time.
The sun is mine. I’ll keep it in a locket for those days that get dark, in here. Out there, nobody notices.

I smile. He smiles, and of course it’s beautiful.


12:28 a.m. 

One hope sleeps across the city. Dangerous ground calling me. I stay back, masked in the shadows. 

I gather moons to shed light on Him. Pathos gathers inside enough to swallow. He never asks. I cannot speak anyway.

“Collect my spirit in seven different sections,” to myself, I think. The moon never moves out of rhythm, yet here we are, water, ebbing against nature.

12:37 a.m. 

I’m still here. Same place, same time. I carry jazz in my hands, wishing for danger to come back. Make me afraid. 

He moves like molasses. He speaks in tongue and I pray for resurrection. The Earth has stopped moving. Air does not exist. I know nothing. 

The elements cannot change him. He stands acrylic. Centered for discerning eyes and, oh, the places. 

Life comes to Life. 

12:42 a.m. 

The city is restless. I hear Him breathe for eternity. Azurite sparkling in deserted winter. Ice breaks the noise. We slip into existence without heart, without home, without a chance at spring. 

Cherry blossoms will come for those eyes to greet them. And He may be there, running His fingers through love, waiting for a chance to paint His canvas wild, 

while I rely on mercury to settle deep into my eyes. It’s too cold to cry. 


I’ve settled on darkness. Where some cluster of lonely iris might climb through my tear ducts for solace, i empty space and time. 

She is on her way, like last years’ frost bite she brings her shards of cold. One year, I begged her not to go but some things are not always. 

Oh, she is constant. In her gray dress of mist and seasonal affection, she blends in with reality but time doesn’t stop for anything. 

Once her smoke blows over capped mountain tops, I turn away from him, wrinkled from exhaustion. This effort, this tremendous light encompassing mine – I am minimal.


Lemons Rinds and Jack

It will always be walking through tough cement, lemon rinds and jack-one swift sailor high on a Black Sea 

drifting for eternity, fighting off starvation, making friends with an idea.

Love is not sold on silent blue moons or Ancient Greek mistresses riding them bareback

but deep inside a reflection, an abbreviated determination that divides calm nights.

I watch you pray for those hours. God isn’t listening;

He is creating. 

Life Cycle

Life cycle

Inside egg shell
ostrich bones
form over
and over fire
ostrich feathers fry.

Summer twilight
under seas
dead fish float
trying out moss
5th Ave
cross streets.

It’s a like
a thumb’s up
a smile
a laugh

a new thought
a new way to say
life lives to die
it is.