the innocents

If you have been around my blog, you will have heard mention of “The Innocents” here and there. The Innocents are YOU and ME. WE are all Innocents in this world. Not one of us was sent with step-by-step instructions. Some of us rely on faith, some of us do not know how to rely on faith. Some of us have been abused, maltreated, unloved, tormented and do not know how to fathom the meaning of “faith” or “love”.

Some of us were given guidelines that we cannot agree with. We were born with innocent hearts seeking only protection and the necessities. Some of us weren’t given these, some of us were, some of us were given too much. We all began breathing in the same way and while we are alive, we are all still The Innocents that came into this world and it is our job to help and remind each other about our innocent hearts and how fragile they are.

Peace and love!!

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  1. And yet, sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds:
    Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.

    But how did you find my Literary Factoids post, Maggie Mae? It’s old and buried deep, and no one read it at the time.

    Thank you, though. Thank you for dropping by.

  2. I have always felt that too, that we are all innocent. That we were not born with some original evil.

    And I like that line that we are not born with an instruction manual. That is so true. Scriptures from the wise don’t tell us how to extract ourselves from the troubles we get ourselves into.

    • And I love this reply! Great reply. Thank you. I feel the same. I thought about scriptures as I was writing this….especially the instruction manual part. We have guidance, but once we have dug a hole, it is difficult and, seemingly, impossible to see how to get out of it.

      • But sometimes we don’t dig the holes. We just fall into them. I think there is a Genesis story about this. Joseph was given a coat of many colors by his father. His brothers were envious and they wanted to kill him to get it. Instead they threw him in a pit and stole the coat. They presented it to the father with blood on it from an animal they killed. The father was devastated with the knowledge that his could be dead.

        Matters of the heart are often like this when the love people feel for one another is not equal. If one party feels Eros while the other feels only Philia, then it can be like one is thrown into hole when they have to crush the dreams of the other. I just went threw this today. The pit of pain I feel is dark for having cast the other into a bucket of rose stems and thorns.

  3. We are certainly not all guilty. We should do good things because we want to, or because it helps another and so helps us all. NOT because someone told us to, or someone is working through us. We are perfectly capable of doing incredible good and incredible evil without any intervention, I think.

  4. Interesting. I once asked a friend if he is guilty. He asked of what, and I said:
    – I don´t know. Just guilty, are you?
    I´ll write a post about that later on, already scheduled it. But the thoughts about guilt and innocence is really interesting to play around with for us creative writers. Your writing is almost as a pray. I love it! But as the dark writer I am I prefer to turn it all around to guilt 🙂

  5. With only reading a few things on here, not all of them pieces of your work either, I’m more inspired than I have been in a long time. It’s truely awe-inspiring to see someone else in this world who thinks like this 🙂

  6. Wow… this is just beautiful. I’m new to blogging so I really want to thank you for finding me – or I may never have found you. This really reminded me of one of my favorite phrases “You never make a wrong decision – you always do what you think is best, based on the information you have at the time.” It takes a lot of mental training to be able to look at why someone done something, when you feel so passionately that it conflicts with your moral standards. Again, thank you for helping me find your blog, I look forward to reading more from you. All the best, Francis.

    • Well said. It really does take a lot of mental training to be able to look at why someone done something, when you feel so passionately that it conflicts with your moral standards. I think we all must keep that in mind, because many people cannot help for the actions they have done, or have good reasons for why they did what they did. You have to look past your own moral standards, and look at every person as as just that, a person who also can make mistakes and bad decisions.

  7. Genuinely touching and so true. Your mention of abuse and being unloved I can relate to personally, and sadly it’s something too many have experienced. If we could just stop that cycle. So many hearts need healing.

    Someone commented on not being born with evil in us. There I (sort of) disagree. Not evil, but sin nature. We are inclined to go in a way that is not the best since Adam. But there are different definitions of innocence, and we are born into this world with that vulnerability, that need to be loved, wanted and cherished.

  8. I really like this post, in my eyes, no matter where we come from, we are all still humans. We are one and the same despite the small differences that we tend to focus on. The only thing we can do is to try and remind ourselves of that truth.

  9. This is cool. Poetry is a good medium to explain these major understandings that many of us tend to forget about.

  10. Loving Kindness, to you all, even to my enemies and betrayers it is things like this that make me know that I am not alone and that the power of love, human compassion and loving kindness is all I’ll ever need to stay strong.

    Namaste fellow humans =)

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  12. Maggie Mae, I am one of the innocents and I recognize your heart–your writing takes my breath away. You found me which is the only reason I found you, and I am so happy to have done so. You articulate what I’m trying to do through humorous storytelling because I’m one of the innocents who has seen more than my share of abuse and pain in my 63 years on this rock, but I have the same mission as you: “…to help and remind each other
    about our Innocent hearts and how fragile they are.”

    You are truly a gift! I’ve added you to my “must reads.”

    • I am so glad you are here too, my friend! Thank you for leaving a comment and a piece of yourself for me to find! I truly appreciate that 🙂 And THANK YOU for adding me to your list!! I look forward to sharing with you. Humor is a wonderful way to express, as well…we all have something that works for ourselves!! XOXOXO

      Much Love

  13. You have an interesting way of looking at life. The idea that we are all born ‘innocents’ is something I haven’t thought about before. Thanks for giving me more food for thought.

    Your blog is also very detailed and creative. I haven’t figured out how to make mine interesting yet!

  14. Amen!

    We are all Innocents. We all have Pain and Suffering.

    We are all the same when we come into this world. We all leave this world in the same fashion, thus it is such a pity that we expend so much of ourselves in trying to be more – OR in dwelling that we are less – than others.

    Thank you for the reminder and the inspiring Hope ♥

  15. Maggie Mae, thank you very kindly for the “Like” on my poetry blog. I’m grateful it led me back here to discover your very thought-provoking poems. What you write here strikes a chord with me–I DO consider my heart an innocent, and somehow your saying so gives it strength. Cheers to you!

  16. Appreciate your page. I think I used to rely on “faith”, but no longer. Now I know that I rely on God. We are, none of us, innocent. We are rightly accountable for our mistakes, whether deliberate or accidental. Thank God that in Christ, God took it upon Himself to take our burden away and reconcile us to Him.

  17. I read your piece on Innocents and its a great piece, right down to the point of everyones life on earth, as a lot of people in this world don´t realise we are all not perfect, mateer who you are and what you have and don´t have, we all suffer the same things in our life, sadness, happiness, torment, anger, bitterness, loneliness, life and death.

    Thanks for reading my first blog on ´How do you cope losing your partner´I will up date regular about my feelings and my up and life .

  18. Amen! I agree about muddling through life. When you look back you have to be merciful to yourself, because most won’t be. Some may drive you to dispair out of ignorance or being just plain evil, but as long as I practice the Golden Rule, I cannot go wrong. I fail a lot of what some call tests, but I don’t believe that life is a test. It is life and to be lived the best we know how.

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  20. “This life is a test.
    It is only a test.
    If this were a real life
    you would have been told
    where to go and what to do.”
    –an old hippie saying I still adore.

  21. I thank you for finding my blog. Now I see yours and what I have read makes me feel less by myself. I prefer by myself as opposed to alone, though they can be seen as the same thing. Maybe – but I need to express this part of myself that many around me are too quick to judge. Thank you and I look forward to reading much, much more.

  22. Maggie, thanks for your words and the follow! Looks like we have some common goals in writing, which I’m heartened to see. So many people are scared to write about “real” stuff; but to me there’s no point to writing about much of anything else. Your honesty is refreshing; thank you! I will be back.

  23. This really resonates with me. I too believe that we are not inherently evil; at our core, in our hearts and souls, we are love. Thank you so much for coming by, liking my post and for the follow! Much appreciated!

  24. Wow.
    You absolutely nailed it there.
    The first of your work that I’ve read and it floored me.
    There’s a sense of .. I don’t know … triumphant frustration, if that makes any sense.
    Life should be so much easier for us all, somehow it isn’t (likely the less innocent among us) and at times all we have to keep us going is faith.
    Ever notice that some people have more faith in some overpaid Starting Pitcher than they do in a) themselves, b) the people around them, c) the people they rely on …
    and Him.

    Beautifully written, soulfully expressed.
    Glad you found me.


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  26. thank you for following me. You sound like you’ve suffered/dealt with a ton of the same issues I’ve faced/face. Definitely will be following you. Hugs.

  27. I thought that I’d check out your blog after you asked if you could use my post and wow, I love it! You are a beautiful person with an amazing mind. Thank you for what you’re doing and keep it up! xx

  28. Maggie Mae, thank you so much for visiting my site so I could find yours. “The Innocents” ––YES! This resonates. When confronted with confusing, complex life realities, I’ve often lamented: “I don’t have a script for this!” So the lack of “step-by-step instructions” along the treacherous, yet beautiful path is so timely! Thank you. I look forward to reading much more.

    • Thank you for coming by mine. I hope to get to know you more through our mutual desire to share in the written word 🙂

  29. Your belief in our innocence comes through in this post. This sounds treacly, but what you say is pure and sweet, a kindness to us that we all need. Glad I came to visit you here, and thank you for following my blog. (:

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