Holy Awards And Such!!!

Holy Cow, you guys!! I am beyond words. I am posting AGAIN to acknowledge the different blogs and their owners, who have sent Award Nominations to my blog! I just want to say a HUGE “THANK YOU” for the compliments, suggestions, questions and, especially, the motivation to keep writing! I receive comments every day that say “keep writing” or “don’t stop writing”. I definitely will not stop writing, EVER!!! Writing is as much a part of me as my skin is.


thank you,
thank you,
thank you!

For the award nominations, the comments, for reading! Thank you!!!

I have become so inundated with these awards that I cannot keep up with the requirements to fulfill all of them. But, I do want to acknowledge these wonderful people and their blogs:

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by:


my own private universe

The Life of a Boiled Egg

I Dream Crazy Things Р A Journey Through My Sleeping Mind

The Noise Of Silence

Fab, Fab, Fabulous!!! Blogs!! Check them out!

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by:

Olive Twist

Bipolar Muse

Two very interesting and well-written blogs. I enjoy both very much!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by:

Truly Naked

Joanna Lives Next Door

Yeah…. ūüôā Check these ones!!

I was nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award by:

What Is Self Defense

A very informative and helpful blog about self defense!! Helpful information found here!


apparently this is a new award. I was nominated for the Creative Chaos Award by:

Seasons Change, and Change…¬†¬†– a blog that is a bit newer to me. A thoughtful blog, for sure!!


Ok….that is all! Thank you all so much for thinking of me, for passing on the encouragement and inspiration!!


Innocents & Awards

Dear Innocents ~

My love to all of you! Thank you all for reading my feelings and sharing in them. I feel less alone in the world when I read your comments and know that others hear me and others understand.
I am extremely humbled by your encouragement and your compliments.
Thank you!!

I must take a moment to accept and acknowledge a few awards that have been passed on to me!! Again, I am HUMBLED  and so grateful for the acknowledgment.

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by onemindmanydetours. This is a thoughtful and inspiring blog. Take some time and check it out!

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by Buckwheatsrisk . A very powerful blog of survival and courage. I love it!

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by May I find peace in this uncertain world . A lovely and hopeful, compassionate and uplifting blog! Another beauty!

I have been passed the Liebster Award by Anilraheja = unfortunately, I cannot find her blogsite ūüė¶ (If you come across this post, my friend, please send me the link so that I can add it to this post.) Thank you!!

I have been passed the ABC Award by Francine In Retirement  who has a very brilliant blog that I very much enjoy!!  Thank you my friend!

I have been passed Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award by Irene’s Words, which is a great blog of strength and inspiration! Thank you, Irene!

I have been passed a combination of 3 awards from Big Mike’s World, an enjoyable and opinionated blog of a well-written man ;). Thank you, Mike for passing along the Liebster Award, The Candle Lighter Award, and The Sunshine Award! I am honored!

I have been passed the Versatile Blogger Award by GreatPoetryMHF’s Weblog. This is a truly amazing blog with spirit and courage – a writer with true strength! Thank you for this award, my friend!

and finally,

I have been passed the Liebster Award by A Bump To The Head, an educational AND fun blog that I REALLY enjoy perusing! Thank you!!

WOW….okay. My goodness! I am a little overwhelmed! I want to thank all of the bloggers who have passed an award on to me. It means so much to me and I can’t thank you enough for the compliment!

You, Innocents, read and join a story with me. Your comments motivate me and make me excited to share! I always look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for all the nominations. I am afraid I do not have time to fulfill the requirements to pass along these awards, but I do want to recognize the lovely bloggers who had received these awards before passing them on to me!
Thank you all and congratulations!

P.S….This is my 100th blog post!! What a terrific 100th!