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  1. IT’S JUST A BIT ON THE OBVIOUS SIDE,…but i am wwwwaaaayyyyyyy new to all this!!!!!……hey maggie,….can you tell????…… are you?…….iv’e been readin some of your poetry stuff,…..pretty groovy!!!!……..

    but, i also noticed some of your tags!!!!,……….you got COFFIN as a tag!!!!! how cool is that????

    and you have a way cool page,…..mine is dull and lifeless!!!!! what’s up with that!?!?!?!!

    • LOL…thank you very much my friend. I love such lively, fun comments like this one you just sent me! Good luck with the profile picture…can’t wait to see how it all turns out πŸ™‚

      • i see how you are!!!!! you’re bein funny, aincha!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!……….i found it earlier, but i have like 300 tabs open now and i have no idea which one it is!!!!!!!……but, you know what???? i love this stuff!!!!!!!!…………..any help as to what i do to simply (you see that word SIMPLY!!!???) upload my profile pic?????? they don’t call it a profile pic on here!!!!……….and i thought i hated fb,……til now!!!!!

  2. just cuz your’s is so cool…..i’m going to at least try to load a profile pic now!!!!!! lol……gimmee about 3 days to figure out how to pull this one off though!!!!!!!

  3. Maggie

    Love your writing, both the words and style. Makes one think and in this world it is hard to think for one’s self as the world appears bent on making us conform. I have only just started my writing and given I am 50 something I am late and a lot to do. TTFN, Live well, laugh often, love much! Smile.


  4. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but…wow. Your stuff is like riding an indoor roller-coaster, after hours, in the dark…with a terrified kitten in your shirt! (That’s my idea of a compliment, in case you weren’t sure. *giggles*)

    Technically my other blog is my poetry blog, but I’m trying to make sure prose/writing goes on VSN. Although that might slow down a bit…at least until I’m through reading your stuff! VSN is going to be a bit of a mess, though. It’s my place to put -anything- I want to, and not be afraid of it. Of them. You know…Them. It’s my party and…well, you know the rest. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hello..thank you for the ‘like’. I esp appreciate the quote by Emily Dickenson. The amount of times I have said..’if I write a million words and save one life I have been paid’..your work reads well to me..poignant ‘down to the bone’..about the highest compliment I give in poetry, prose..thank you, very nice..Peace Tony

  6. Hiya, Maggie Mae! I did not know this until I went to the place where you are highlighted as an artist but I too live in Utah. Provo area for me. My sister lives in St. George. I really do like your work.

    • Oh that’s awesome. I love meeting artists who are near/around the same area. It’s hard to find serious writers around here. You should contact me on Facebook sometime!

  7. Years ago I gave a speech on genocide and nationalism. A teacher from Iowa stood up among a group of her studunts and replied, “sure, but what can one person do?”
    I replied that Jesus, Mandela, Mother Theresa and Gandhi were one person. I look forward to getting your new posts. Thank you for being one person.

  8. I want to thank you kindly Maggie Mae for tagging me – I’m honoured

    I took the brief post down from the Bank Hols Challenge site so that it didn’t interrupt the flow, know you won’t mind

    Thanks again for the tag πŸ™‚

  9. Hey Maggie!
    I created a page on Radius Of A Square. it’s called “How Life Works?”
    Feel free to drop by anytime and post your views πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for liking my post. I’m hoping to join your ranks as a published author eventually. So it’s very encouraging when I receive visits from other writers. πŸ™‚

  11. I love all your poetry Maggie; it stimulates me to write more! Though I am somewhat in awe of the amount you publish – it takes me an age just to write one, but I’m a complete beginner which probably explains it! I’m doing a creative writing course at the moment, as part of my degree, and I have to say that the poetry module really pulled me into reading more poetry. This took me by surprise actually as I went in to it thinking fiction writing would be my preference. Just goes to show……

  12. I love your poetry..I love poetry in general..yours is very thought-provoking and amazing in general!
    Can’t wait for more posts!

  13. Thank you for following my articles. It’s a true honour to be to be considered good enough for that.

    Besides that, I’ll be sure to check out your own writing.

  14. Bravo!!!..for knowing who you are an speaking out. It’s THE event for cultivating a true, authentic, vital and vitalizing sense of self.
    Dorothy Hayden< LCSW

  15. Hi, Maggie Mae,
    thanks for your visit, and for liking my post.I’m sorry it’s taken a long time for me to return the compliment, I have a lot to sort out in my head right now.
    I’m not usually so fixated and morose, it’s just that this is a bad time right now.
    You have written some great stuff, good luck with your book!
    love n hugs xxx

  16. did you delete your facebook? I tried to tag you in a poem the other day and poof you were gone.

    • I do not personally send email to cfbrown. So, I have no way to correct this myself. If you are speaking to CFBROWN, please address that person personally so that I do not reply to messages that are not meant for me. Thank you.

  17. Just catching up today, I’ve been rather self-absorbed lately, but noticing that much has been going on over here. So I stopped by.

    For the record, I have no idea who cfbrown is, but if I find him, I’ll beat him up for you πŸ™‚

  18. We stumbled over here different web page and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to going over your web page for
    a second time.

  19. Thank you for following my work. I’m looking forward to following your work as well. I always enjoy finding new inspiration in new places and exploring new ideas. You have some awesome material here.

  20. Read your blog intro. “You go girl.” Someone said, “Speak words that give shape to our anguish.” And Shakespeare spoke of the need to “unpack our heart with words.”

  21. Hi! I just wanted you to know I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Someone nominated me today and I had to pick 10 others – you’re one of them because I enjoy your posts. To participate, there are some rules to follow which you probably know if you have received an award before. Otherwise stop by my blog and see the rules. It’s of course up to you if you want to participate. Have a nice day!

  22. Thanks for the like. You maintain an interesting blog and I’ll have to check it out some more. My book ‘Snicker Snag’ should be available soon; I think you’d like it.

  23. Maggie, your words speak to the soul. They are painful, but they speak. So often we choose not to bare to the world the painfulness of life, but it is often through our speaking out loud, the pain, the confusion, the nearly inexplicable emotions we experience, that we are freed – and others are given permission to feel. I look forward to following your blog. I am new to this and you might say I am on the other side of life…you are young and I edge on being old…but I know that your words speak to many; they spoke to me. I pray that my words too, will speak to the many innocents – who are out there and hurting so much – that even in the darkness of pain and loneliness, there is hope! Be blessed, Maggie!

  24. You found Diary of a Serial Killer. It’s addictive. A madhouse. If you like to linger on the fringe of reality/sanity for a bit, DOASK would entertain you. Pretty funny stuff. A satire on the world as a whole really.

      • Oh, it is indeed both. Brief entries of the day-to-day life of one who’s perspective is just a wee bit skewed. What did you read thusfar?

  25. Hi Maggie, thank you for liking my work – that says alot coming from a poet like you. Maybe when you get a chance, you wouldn’t mind critiquing the chapters listed in red on my blog, redflaggs.wordpress.

  26. Reposting here, since I commented in the wrong post. Thanx for following my blog! I Read some of your very expressive pieces. You have a God-given talent. Yet this gift has turned woefully dark and angry and sad. Yes, that is what makes such deeply moving poetry. Please smile. Please open your heart to God’s love and light! Oh, the poetry and the beauty that awaits a heart then!

  27. Thank you for following my blog. I’m just starting on my road to recovery from opiate addiction. I enjoy your poetry immensely. Although I’m not a good writer feel free to let anyone read what I write. I hope maybe someone reading about my pain will help someone overcome theirs.

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