Over The Moon

Under sheets,
under years and years of
turning leafs and lingering
through broken
heart beats,

under the street lights,
beneath the nights
that stretch on for miles,

after all the after-a-while’s,
after piles of music,
and lyrics,
and ugly hands,

over the distance,
over the past,
over the moon and back

through the silence,
throughout conversation,
through the abuse of the new moons,

in the dives,
diving in to the unknown,
drowning in the bent
and the broken,

above solidity,
up above everything,

away from the mess
away from life,
deep into veins,
into pain,
around towering walls,
around brick after brick,
around heaviness,
through distance,
through time,
through space,
through heartache,

and back again,
here I am

deep under sheets,
over the moon,
in love with you.

32 thoughts on “Over The Moon

  1. Far out, Maggiemae. I never knew that was how it felt for a woman to be made love to. Was it for the first time that this refers to, or does a woman feel sacrificed in this way, over and over again? As always, your imagery is stark and impressive, Nearly overwhelming. A man reads, and somehow feels sorry for every woman he’s ever made love to. It’s powerful poetry, Maggiemae.

    • Hey there. I can’t honestly say that this is about a “first time” experience. I am very interested in the fact that you picked up on the “making love” vibe. It wasn’t the primary message I was trying to convey, but it was definitely the mood I was suggesting on purpose. That is incredible to me that you pick up on that. Like I said, this piece wasn’t necessarily about THE first time, but it was about a first time being completely “with” the person you are in love with. It definitely was trying to convey the sadness of every other experience that wasn’t made with a real, true, honest, complete love. Thank you for asking and thank you for this conversation.

  2. thank you firstly for liking my poem and without that I would not have read such a brillaint blog. I will be following as mental illness is something I battle with on a daily basis. loved this poem. xox

    • Good luck to you on your battle. I do write a lot about mental illness and struggling/surviving/coping/overcoming 🙂 I’d love to see you around!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      • oh you will… A lot of my stuff is along that theme so we have shared interests.

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