Not something you come across everyday. .I love it.

Waiting in the modern world

Abstinence takes a lot of strength.  What I didn’t realize until the past year or so was how that strength has rubbed off on other areas of my life.  I’ve talked about my strength and confidence and how staying secure with myself has helped me stay abstinent but I’ve never really explained the will power it takes.  When you like someone or get caught up in the moment most people think oh well I guess this one time I can let it happen but even when I’m in a relationship where that’s okay for most people, I still have to say no.  You don’t know the will power it takes to be abstinent or celibate until you’ve been in love with someone and pictured spending your life with them and still had the power to abstain.  It’s not easy.

But another area that I believe this had helped me is with…

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