The Accident

Embarrassment tugs his eyes to the
left, cradling his infant courage.
He is new skin – crawling
for Jesus – drowning
in sin.

My own infant, white lipped,
sleeps like a giant next
to my hip. My blood
is metallic lead
leaking out.

The scent of iron is dark and heavy.
Mary cycles through every
woman, he reminds me.
I know. Serpents
slither – then

He is the color of silence – naked eyes
following mine, stalking my quiet
like prey. His sharp honesty
brings deep claw marks
across my chest. I
still beat
life. His eyes lift,

hungry. My flesh is real,
sincerity exposed. He prays over
me, Jesus take this pain.
It was an accident, he is just.

23 thoughts on “The Accident

  1. Still tearing off pieces of your soul to show us, eh, milady? Haven’t been by in a while (physical issues), but, I can see your talent is no less than I remember…. Again, brilliant imagery, and terrible strength of emotion….
    Take care, & Blessed Be, little sister…
    Ned, aka, gigoid, the dubious….

  2. This is a beautiful, vivid, visceral poem. you don’t pull any punches emotionally. thank you very much for liking my blog piece and following my blog. i’ve decided to do the same for you. i also enjoyed reading your self-introduction, with its generous scope of human subjects in mind.

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