Skull Crushed

He mounts himself before me
un-zips his stiff skin,
wraps his violent arms around me – to crush

against his ribs. I brush his chest,
boiling veins coil through me,
eyes bulge from my head.

His affection is silent. I see through
muscles and bone – his frail components.
They cannot move. He refuses.

I lay my soft nature over his void.
He is unaware. His nourishment is silent.
He moans. I am starved.

He is heavy in hand and heart, dangles his love on a brick,
then hits me with it. I swell – with thirst,
hungry for his deep devotion,

for his full, dark desire to tie me to him,
vein to vein,
lung to lung,
bone to bone


16 thoughts on “Skull Crushed

  1. This is a very beautifully written depiction of dark love. It begins with one notion, but ends with a very different one. At first, I wanted to protect you and condemn him, but then I ended up simply grieving for your longing heart.

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  3. In case you missed the pingback… this was so powerful, I had to show it to my readers, along with a link back here, to find more of your works….
    This poem rocks, my dear…. it is as if someone took one of Keats or Shakespeare’s love sonnets & transformed it into a photographic reversal image, showing the dark side of love’s imagery, yet all the while maintaining the connection to the light…. brilliant….
    Kudos, as usual, milady…. Your S.O. is a lucky man….

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