My Name

just the beginning,

slithers off wet lips
like it’s charming.


Mockingbirds and Mallards
sing of my
slick footprints.

I step in.
I step out.
He stepped out.

We spread together as far as Summer would take us.
We flew down south in high, asthmatic screams;

nocturnal – fugitive.

At first blush they call,
crested blue,

at least to human ears.

His after tastes like a razor blade,
but I am a glutton

and so they
chirp, chirp, chirp.

6 thoughts on “My Name

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  2. Maggie Mae… So exquisite, I had to share it with my readers…. I also included a link to here, so you’ll get a pingback, too…

    Thanks, this one is special, I think…

    Ned, aka, gigoid….


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