The Devil’s Home

The sun lays September to rest,
my single tree quivers
against black canvas, frost steals my breath
and this night makes it hard to be a river.
My moon cannot gaze quick
enough in any direction, I stumble
over boulders, though these dormant feet stick,
one-side of heavy rubble.
Gentle, I offer, white whispers,
(and knuckles), as I lay my head to rest,
because, as he often does, the reaper
shreds nightly peace, to build a home in my chest!

About Maggie Mae

"I write because I must". I am a poet of dark imagery. I write what I feel and how I see the world at given moments. I love connecting with other writers and seeing life through their eyes, (in words). If you like what you find here, please check out my chapbook, Some Things Ache In The Dark. It is available @

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  1. Awesome piece Maggie.

  2. Reads like a dream – and I don’t mean “very well”, I mean actually like a dream.

  3. Amazing dark imagery here. Very good. Love it
    Keep inspiring

  4. Received your book today, thank you so much. You didn’t have to send it so fast, ($$$) but thank you.

  5. Oh yeah! Thank you Maggie, for hurtling my October off to a rousing start!! I loved this!! Well done!🙂

  6. Beautiful poem! I love the dark tone is this one.🙂 You’re a great writer.

  7. You never cease to amaze me. Such a great mind!!

  8. love this line –> “and this night makes it hard to be a river.”

  9. Beautifully written, love the imagery.

  10. I love your imagery. Count me in as a fan. I write under the blog Click on the apple with the red clothespin. I hope you enjoy my art and poetry. love always, Tom

  11. Karolina with a K

    I love the line “and this night makes it hard to be a river.” There’s something brilliant about that line for me. I also write poetry, maybe someday I’ll post it on my blog. Thank you for writing.🙂

  12. Wow, I see a lot of love in your comments, and you deserve it. You have a gift!

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