The Death Of Roses

He’s splashing in cyanide tonight,
elbow deep in death grease, peeling it off
long enough to shout his love at me.

My bed is empty like this,
I lay here, empty, like this,
sipping on his poisonous spit.

The clock hisses,
my eyes burn like his swollen skin,
sleeping beasts await me
and I sit here,
just empty, like this

while he bathes in acid
and cries out his love to me,
he stands long enough to dry a bullet
and point his shaky finger at me,

I take my time,
watching the roses he gave me
each petal smells toxic,
I can’t touch them they will crush.

The clock spits after midnight,
he washes off in rust
then rushes off to spread his love on me.
I am here, like this,
empty, waiting,

for his cyanide to save me.

About Maggie Mae

"I write because I must". I am a poet of dark imagery. I write what I feel and how I see the world at given moments. I love connecting with other writers and seeing life through their eyes, (in words). If you like what you find here, please check out my chapbook, Some Things Ache In The Dark. It is available @

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  1. Love the imagery, the jarring rhythm, the feelings you build in both powtry and me. That rhythm thing though, it really sung off the “page” at me, it’s perfect. It fits the essence of the poem superbly. Really enjoyed reading this.

  2. (Ps — I literally stopped reading my book to finish your poem once I began reading it in email haha)

    • Hey thank you for reading! And thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Really appreciate the input!!! XOXOXO ~MM

  3. powerful words and images! Awesome!

  4. So powerful poetry it hurts to read

  5. Beautiful and dark – I love it!

  6. I'm Just Sayin'...

    Damn. This is awesome!! The rhythm and the imagery just pull the reader in…LOVE THIS

  7. I love how dark it is. I hope that isn’t too weird.

  8. Awesome!! Just when I was suffering through Maggie withdrawal, I come across your post 😉 Thank you…powerful, gripping prose as usual, Maggie!🙂

  9. Bonjour belle esprit de Maggie… Félicitations sur votre livre…Vous existez sur tant de longueurs d’onde, donc vraiment doués !

  10. My O My, Maggie Mae. You are good. You are very, very good. My hat is off to you!

  11. Reads like my first marriage. OUCH!

  12. Thanks for the follow. I love poetry and writing too. I love what you write, genius and so talented. You rock!

  13. Intense but good! I’m no poetry scholar but you convey your passion of your words well.

  14. Reblogged this on Lovely Wounded Lady Says … and commented:
    amazing depiction of abuse by an excellent poet

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