Paranoid Of A Possible Love

How can I be certain that you are real?
Each day, you are a noble rider; a sterling chain
seeking my affinity.
I want to cover myself in admission
while you are
throwing butterflies. At my feet

they become Ackee centers, flying up, up, around me.
Take a bite!, you say, It is only Vanessa and her Red Wings.

Jamaica made her crazy though, and
you present her plague
to me!?
Do you mistake her as beautiful wings
is this MY aberration?

Jamaican fruit do not raise her
butterfly appendages and flutter
about a young,
ripe woman.  They don’t!

This is truth or it is fallacy, crossing a frying pan.
And I am preparing to cook either
poisonous exotic fruit!

21 thoughts on “Paranoid Of A Possible Love

  1. Depending on how/when you eat this exotic fruit, it can kill you or tickle your tummy in a really good way. Few things have the ability to poison you or satisfy you like ackee can! Beautiful word play! Nice extended metaphor on love.

  2. paranoid? you have no problems expressing yourself in any way. you get an idea and run with it in descriptions i find hard to wrap my head around. your writing is to be admired. keep it up tomorrows a new day!

  3. You caught my attention with the ackee and Jamaica so I read it like 3 times. lol…Being from Jamaica I understand fully what you meant in this poem. Very deep. Keep it going!

  4. i really like this , and your blog in general , i too try my hand at poetry , even tho i’m not that good, but i love trying , if you want , check my stuff out .

    but i cant seem to write on a whim like you can, i can only try my attempts at poetry when i’m in my rare funks .

      • Suicide love is inspired by the line “the sexiest thing is trust.” I published at the beginning of the week on my blog. A long time i constructed a poem almost entirely of Tori lyrics. My all time fave song by her is Tear in your Hand.

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