I am younger than insult.

My hard body soaks in salt water.
If you like it, I will bottle it,
a beautiful, gentle tea.

I smell steady. Like a brief cut
across my fingertip fades,
so will this scent. Let me package it.
Let me blush while you reach for
my confessions,
let my heart run a rabbit’s run.

Touch my breath,
intruder! Take me as a stranger,
open legged;
a boiling black tea.

I gracefully apologize.
This is me.

17 thoughts on “Intruder

  1. Direct, to the point, no punches pulled and in the style of Maggie Mae that I have grown to love. Excellent work my friend…not to mention the visualizations.

  2. Ms. maggiemae… I’ve somehow missed a bunch of your posts, and seeing this one has reminded me how much I’ve missed your work… Powerful, as always, but with a lighter touch on the irony than I felt before, with no loss of intensity… As I am so often prompted to say when I see/feel (each word alone isn’t enough to describe the overall emotional experience of reading your poetry….) one of your poems… Wow…. πŸ˜€

  3. Your bottling and packaging of these senses to share with a significant other is a beautiful and eloquent metaphor that is greatly enjoyable to read. Well done. Again.

  4. I absolutely love “Intruder”. I’ll take a bottle and a package. Your words are direct, creative, thought provoking and, oh, so memorable.

    Thanks for liking my post on “ I’m following you (sounds like a stalker), so I’ll be back later.


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