Wild Madness

as wild snow lay speechless
his Mango Mini plot

a sleepless widow installed herself
in her fresh candied madness,
purring away
with soft blue shivers

from deep in his part
of the Earth,
he sang up to her
and the woods sang
and the owls sang
and the black wolves sang

her moonstruck feet floated slowly upon
a snow belly ground
garnished with sympathy
with her entombed love

as wild snow fell, time grew
more cold

the beautiful relict
purring away in blue madness
while her sweet
charcoal mane lay in
for The Eternal Voice

to call them both into frozen
for always

11 thoughts on “Wild Madness

  1. As always, amazing depth and powerful imagery….I don’t think I’ve seen a poem from you yet that didn’t strike me as incredibly superior to almost everything I’ve read…..I must keep following you, just to see if you ever come up with one that isn’t up to snuff…so stay sharp. I’m watching!….

  2. I love this!
    I am not sure i want to know
    why I felt a part of it… LOLs
    This is really good Maggiemae…
    you are so gifted…
    Take care….
    you Matter…

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