Fountain Of Confessions On Amazon

fountain of confessionsFountain Of Confessions

    Fountain Of Confessions is now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. I look forward to hearing any feedback on it. Thank you so much!

    Looking For Bloggers To Review My Chapbook

    I am currently seeking bloggers to write a review of my small collection of poetry, Some Things Ache In The Darkthat’s just been released through Writing Knights Press.

    If you are interested, please email me at: with a link to your blog!

    Thanks everyone ❤



    New Chapbook Is Available!!

    Some Things Ache In The Dark

    Purchase Book Here

    Some Things Ache In The Dark was made available today for $5.00 at HUGE HUGE Thank you to Azriel Johnson, founder/director, at Writing Knights Press for the opportunity to make available a small collection of
    my poetry, (which is my life)!!!

    Also, another HUGE thank you to Doug Alan for the amazing book cover! He is a fantastic artist and I couldn’t be more happy with the cover,

    and, OF COURSE, thank you to every single reader!!


    ~ Maggie Mae




    Guess What’s Being Printed??!!

    Hey everyone,


    I’ve been waiting FOREVER to tell you all that my first chapbook, Some Things Ache in The Dark, is being printed!! It is going to be available VERY, VERY soon!!
    I cannot tell you all how truly grateful I am for the continuous support and suggestions and guidance from sooo many of you! You guys are fabulous people and I love getting to know those of you who I’ve had the opportunity to get to know.

    For those of you interested, I’m going to have the links up just as soon as they are up on Writing Knights Press website!!!



    Book Update

    Hey everyone.

    Just wanted to share with everyone that a small collection of my work is expected to be available in May!! I’m super excited.
    Keep a watchful eye. I’ll have links up as soon as it’s available and will keep updates on facebook and twitter!



    Featured Artist – Art 4 The Homeless

    Hey everyone!!

    I am super excited right now. I had five pieces accepted for publication in ART 4 The Homeless Magazine. Not just that, but I am their featured artist for April. April is National Poetry month so I am just beyond words that they chose me. Check out there website. This is an extremely good cause. Coming from a family that was without a home during some of my childhood, I feel very honored to have been chosen.

    Thanks for reading everyone! You are all so wonderful to comment and share your thoughts with me. I look forward to it everyday! I look forward to getting to know you that are recurring visitors. 🙂

    So much love to all of you!!


    Maggie Mae

    Record Magazine Publication & Note To All Of You Innocent Ones!!!

    Good Morning, Glories:

    To all you Innocents; you amazing, wonderful, brilliant, smart, sweet, kind people. 🙂 I want to take a minute to say that I am sorry to not get back to every person who has commented on my blog. You are inspiration and courage. Everyone who has commented on this blog has been nothing but kind and compassionate and I am very, very thankful for that. I love to write and knowing that a deep piece of me, that I express, is understood and related to by another person really helps me walk through this life. You are all my friends and mean so much to me ❤

    That being said… If you would like me to comment back/answer something for you, if you have questions or want to start a conversation…I do not want to pass up the opportunity by mixing that up with day-to-day comments….so, if that is the case, PLEEEEASE find me on FB or email me at Thanks all and I hope your day is filled with more love than you know what to do with!!!


    Secondly, I have 5 pieces out in Record Magazine, an online literary journal. (You may have seen these pieces before, maybe not!). Wonderful magazine…please check them out!

    Thanks everyone!

    Maggie Mae