Lindsey, in perfect fifths,
let’s shatter the veil
between worlds.

The universe is sold out,
but your bridge is precise
and the dead watch your maple

while I anesthetize myself
in words.

Your snakewood grows on dried gut,
I am glued to paper –

We are limited in time;
in stranded worlds.
Let’s shatter the veil
and bring them together.

Everything Is Crushed Tonight

Everything is crushed, tonight,
in story,
in shoreline.
King and Levin
layout in New Orleans with
others that crush hair
and people drowning in a piece of
the rocky Atlantic.

I don’t know who knows
King and Levin, or if New Orleans
wants to crush them

but, like the rest of us,
I wonder,
if they crush
pills or poison when they layout,

Question For You Amazing Fans & Readers……

A wonderful reader and fellow writer sent me this tonight:

“Mags… I’m working on a short based on the lack of use of “By Jove.” I need input…. may i use you and your readers?

I’ve classically reviled the expression of “damning” someone.

Hell is implied. You really don’t need to say, “I damn you to hell!” There’s really nowhere else you’d ever damn someone too…

“I damn you to your bedroom without dinner?” Great parenting!

It’s just not said.

“Horrible dance. The patrons hate you. Damn you to the upstairs rooms to perform private dances AND EARN!”

Not said.

But what if we turned it around? I’m guessing the accepted opposite of “Damning” someone is “Acceptance.” No? I’m not a religious man and am searching for a better word to make this work. Any writers out there? I need help with this thought.

and we publish as a team.”

What about “elevate”, my friend??  “to lift up” …I figure if damning is sending someone “down”, you could also go along with a “religious” theme and use “glorify” or “praise”?? What do you think??