I Met You Today

No pillow comes without residue.
At our age, blessings come in small forms…

hands cradled together,
words buried in sweet breath,
unconditional nights,

Tell me about your exploration, about
fingertips trickling down
spines do not break easily, do they?

I met you today,
I see your influence and result,
you probably know
that I see through blue eyes,

saturated by the way your fingertips move.


Inhale – deep – suspicious
under cotton clovers
in sharp seconds

a shiver – liquid skin
slithers down my spine
in wet pulse

I have your fingerprints
matched to mine
one – quick – minute

Time is essential – a sport
your goal
not mine

You kick – I lunge
a deep block
a curve over a thousand threads

stretched – an ultimate match
two pasts
two people

two moments connected
for one final win