Four Flames, One For Each Chamber

Four flames walking around the world
ignited in my womb
burning in my heart

two young bucks
the first
quiet, protective of imaginary
goblin love
the second
rough finger tips
through skin
in search of fire buttons

two little lambs
the first
lady bug
kept under timid wings
the second
my little lamb

a chamber for each burning light
each roaming the world
outside of my ribbed protection

distance has pulled
my little lamb

my fourth chamber
is dying.

An Accidental Abortion

The snow concealed the ground around me
as I reached inside and
clutched for the new

My clutch turned into
a grip of uneasiness as the
new soul did not
reach his hand back for mine.

In a trepidation, I froze…my hand came
back to me covered
in blood….red body
fluid trickled down my leg, speckling
the snow – warming the frozen
blanket and
revealing the solid ground below.

Blood so bright in the snow, soaked brown
in the dirt. Blending the colors, ignorant to the
trace of the
part of life it just consumed.

I screamed at the ground!
How dare it soak up
the little
flourishing soul
as if it was nothing! A piece of
my very own soul!!

Not a word of gratitude or comfort from the
dirt for the forfeiture of
my nurturing body!