The Bone Yard

I fold my dirty body next to the sun as it falls to sleep across a boneyard.

Our Daughters sleep in there, clinging on to life and on to death.
They strip down to breast and bone for swine,
gnawing on their own skeletons for some Great Man to tame them.

They play in ash playgrounds, burnt down by thieving snakes of virginity.
Our hands can do nothing.
Our Book does nothing.

Our Sons are bound, shackled by veins to elusion.
They strain, barefoot in the desert where demons build their muscles on doubt and hesitation.
Fear is a great interruption to the infant shadows that remain young nuisances
until trepidation grips its claws around their hollow shoulders and carry them away.

And, as the boneyard grows next to me. I lay, with burnt wings, in a chill that never dies.

Jesus’ Fish Hooks

Dead center
dangling from fish-hooks
Jesus has pierced
through each armpit


every day is

a fruitful woman faces me
“those hips couldn’t possibly bear children”

an eager man braces my  backside
rests on me
cheek to cheek

men and women
all varieties
surround my languished

each taking turn
weapon of choice in

seeking destruction

secretly wishing Jesus
chosen them.