You Used To Laugh At Me Like I Was Crazy When I Worried That You Might Die

He called me from three hundred miles
to tell me that he had relapsed. He found
a needle and he shot himself up
because he thought he had nothing left.
Anger burned through me and if I could have scorched
his face with my eyes, I would have.

Later, he called me from a jail cell. He told me
that he was clean, had been for awhile.
He sounded calm. He said he found God.
Tears fell hastily to the floor, they had been waiting
for this kind of release! Gratitude was all I could muster so I
hit my knees and thanked God because this was a true miracle!

He called me in the morning just to tell me
that I was amazing
and beautiful
and that he didn’t know he could love someone so much.

He called me at night to tell me
to “dream sweet, sweetheart” and “I’ll see
you in my dreams”.

Then, one day, I got a call
but it wasn’t him that called me. ┬áHe
had been called away from me and
all of those that loved him.  Sometimes, I still think
that the phone will ring
and I might hear his voice again.