Featured Artist – Art 4 The Homeless

Hey everyone!!

I am super excited right now. I had five pieces accepted for publication in ART 4 The Homeless Magazine. Not just that, but I am their featured artist for April. April is National Poetry month so I am just beyond words that they chose me. Check out there website. This is an extremely good cause. Coming from a family that was without a home during some of my childhood, I feel very honored to have been chosen.

Thanks for reading everyone! You are all so wonderful to comment and share your thoughts with me. I look forward to it everyday! I look forward to getting to know you that are recurring visitors. 🙂

So much love to all of you!!


Maggie Mae

Featured Artist @ Soujourners Indecisive

Hey everyone,

Check out http://www.sojournersindecisive.com/maggie-mae/  An innovative and interactive blog, SojournersIndecisive.com is a community with a broad scope, seeking unique approaches to the arts. We are a growing collaboration of growing contributors for growing audiences.

I am a featured artist at Soujourners Indecisive and they have many other artists that they showcase. It’s a great place to check out!!

Much Love To All Of You Innocents….XOXOXO