The Candle

We caught the ground on fire, didn’t we?
Lit sparks and watched them turn
into burning embers and, later,
charred remains.

What remained was toxic left overs.
We tried to posion each other, throwing
flames from our eyes; smashing
the feet that we used to provide
the platform for standing.

Fury filled in the gaping holes that
we used to fill with affection. Your arms, my source of
comfort. My words, I only remember to bite you!

Memories come and go, flickering like a candle.
Maybe,¬†we didn’t
burn it out completely, but saved it for later.
Maybe the love was too mature
for us to handle.

I have grown and here you are, standing
right before me…one hand extended to
strike a match and attempt to
re-light that candle.