A Different Skin

Blue brick stone eyes,
like four leaves, I am in luck.
Liquid doesn’t drip from rock.

Not all skin is the same.
Some grow into cat-o-nine tail,
but you…

you douse poison like a God.

I am witness,
without religion,
without faith,
without hope,

out of the blue,
brick stone eyes
came to me

an old idea –
a different skin
growing on me.

I Met You Today

No pillow comes without residue.
At our age, blessings come in small forms…

hands cradled together,
words buried in sweet breath,
unconditional nights,

Tell me about your exploration, about
fingertips trickling down
spines do not break easily, do they?

I met you today,
I see your influence and result,
you probably know
that I see through blue eyes,

saturated by the way your fingertips move.


Inhale – deep – suspicious
under cotton clovers
in sharp seconds

a shiver – liquid skin
slithers down my spine
in wet pulse

I have your fingerprints
matched to mine
one – quick – minute

Time is essential – a sport
your goal
not mine

You kick – I lunge
a deep block
a curve over a thousand threads

stretched – an ultimate match
two pasts
two people

two moments connected
for one final win

Flames burn skin, not souls

2am steps on concrete, today’s echo covering me, woven into ripped sheets, torn cotton attempting to strangle daydreams.

Night comes at last to my eyes, sprinkling glass dust on me as an outcast. Worlds turn. Planets exist. Alone. What do they wait for.

I have my head in a book. Mixed in with semi-colins while she has her head in the oven. I am her, on pages of charcoal I become tangible; solid.

And in parentheses I say, “Flames burn skin, not souls. You need hell for that. Here I am.”

Where Dead Mice Sleep

Bring your church to the key – back rooms –
chimney sweep – flushed with soot –
black like cats – deep in Winter sleep.

Bring your arm to my ball – and chain
me up – downstairs – I
am a slave

to black waves of adultery –
and let’s not leave out the China, please? – In
the hutch, where dead mice sleep.

Take me to your temple – here, now go
to sleep – shackled to me –
wrapped in spite –
or luxury.

I won’t drop or swallow – your metal is safe
against my chest – One of us
is naked on the inside –

Christ would like how we make it here –
every Winter –
while the cats let the mice sleep.

The Passage

The dragon doesn’t wake with the sun.  It is warmed
through mock light, on an affected cove.  It looks
like it could be made of mopani,
but he cannot tell colors
what they should be
and what they are not.

I left him a note, this morning, by his glass house.
In his rest, he inhaled the pushed warm air
that circulates my blood each night.
I promised him Aspen and Cabbage and
my return.

I am late.  I am always pushing the clock
into my lungs, back to my cycle,
back to little hands and little
feet swirling around
a glass house,
tearing cabbage for a dragon that
constantly stares at me.

Warrior Echo

When a shadow slips black,
deep in the background,
steep in the sleek sound of
cricket wings leaking,
singing six feet – under

lock and key.
You don’t need to understand me,
the hardness that backhanded me.
the stillness wrapped tight around.
My swan! Feathers spread for what?
Not flight! Grace treads light
enough, we fight.

No words. Just wings, singing
for the shadow, deep in the back
ground, the Warrior’s Echo.

My Constant Companions – Patience & Hard Work by guest author L.K.Kelley

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This article was first published by L.K. Kelley, author of White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy on 7 June 2015 at https://whitewolfprophecy.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/my-constant-companions-patience-hard-work/

“Patience is its own reward,” and “Work hard, and you will realize your dreams”. These are two quotes that we hear lkkelleyover and over throughout our lives. This leads me to say that patience and hard work are my constant companions.

And, it’s true. However, if you’re going to be an author, you’d better be totally prepared to be realistic, patient, and work hard without pause. Why? Because you are competing with hundreds of thousands of authors all over the world. That’s even double, triple, or even quadruple the authors, because many have far more than one book out there.

Working hard is just a first step, and it does not guarantee a darned thing. If you’ll notice, most books and authors that are recognized are on the “Best Seller…

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Fountain Of Confessions

Hi Everyone!!

My 2nd book, Fountain Of Confessions, is going to be available through Amazon this week. I am so excited to share it with you. I am going through my emails for reviewers and getting in touch with some of you if you are still available.

If you’d like to do a review to post on your blog, I will be happy to send you an e-copy of the new book.

Thank you all so much for being here. Some of you have been here since the time I started this blog nearly 4 years ago!!!

I’ll be posting soon. Until then….