because its how i feel


thick wind has come back
I’m under attack
take my heart back
black thunder
rips across the land

the sky’s dry
frying like I
fingertips split black
sit back
venom drips down my throat
I spit back

a damned sky cracks
white lightning flash
words clash so fast
blast from the past

a knife
and a shadow
a ghost
in the past tense
I can see through
me and you

a solid path
blood bath

peel me apart
I’m see through
deep deep breath 

fuck you

9 thoughts on “because its how i feel

      • Maggie Mae,

        Sorry to hear it; if you need help disposing of the body, let me know… *grin* Or, alternately, help with any ‘issues’ of that nature… As my blog’s rant for today related, such behavior in a man makes me particularly angry; any man who lacks honorable compassion for others , in such a way it creates such pain/anger/fear/etc. in a woman, just trips my switch…

        I’m glad it helps to have your art… it is who you are…

        Love, from one who would stand for your father, even if he wouldn’t/didn’t…

        gigoid, aka Ned

      • You are my favorite, very inspirational, follower and friend of the internet. I am blessed to know you. Thank you so much for your always kind words. I feel much better after a “purge” as you say 🙂 Writing is most definitely my healthy outlet that I forget sometimes but always find my way back to. My ONE TRUE LOVE!! Nobody but a writer really understands that!

  1. I have never commented on your work, for really, why? You write beautifully, and you know it. That is a compliment and please take it. I enjoy all that you write, and reflect in my own way. This piece, however, hits home, and I thank you for it. Keep it real like you always do Maggie Mae.

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