Blue Notes Ready

Blue notes ready
get the fumes ready
we’re going to spread this

City streets rain down
pistol shots
whiskey shots
wake me up, I’m just a

Sell me back to classical keys
the ones that leave
fire in oxygen.
Your spirit still sits
in your acoustic strings.

Baby, I could see a future of missing
your blue river running
wildly over
Don’t tempt the flames
they’re easier than Spring.
We’re going to spread this wilder
than fire.

8 thoughts on “Blue Notes Ready

  1. Maggie, it seems that lately I’ve neglected my passion of writing. So much has happened since I moved to California. I stopped today because my friend made me come to the emergency room and as I was going through my 4000+ emails yours caught my eye. Today is my husband Williams birthday. He died in 2013. Your poem reminded me of his life, but then again what it might be like to shoot up black or brown. It seems you always seem to bring peace into my life when I need it the most. Thank you, Maggie.

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