Center Of Time

Welcome home, a strawberry plant
grows out back
for you, but it
has twisted to fingernails
to scratch away the bugs.

It has a heart, ready for transplant.
I promised to die,
I admit, I’m in the habit,
but it just sat in one spot,
sucking on water cells

reminding me what it
would feel like to overheat.
Now you are here, hiding in
the desert, my fruit not fertile
enough for you
to eat.

So, you say it’s the center of time,
one hand holds it,
the other says good-bye.


6 thoughts on “Center Of Time

  1. *hugs* nice work, as always a joy to read which leaves me looking forward to the next time I can read your work 🙂

  2. Amazing poem, little one…. The ending line is bloody brilliant…

    “So, you say it’s the center of time,
    one hand holds it,
    the other says good-bye.”

    Whew! Powerful!….

    Always a treat, and, yes, I’m going to steal this one for a post on ECR….


    btw, did you ever find a way for me to buy your book?… Can I get it on Amazon yet?…


  3. Ever since I’ve started reading your work, I’ve marveled at your ability to find vitality and beauty in the darkness you see around you. Thank you!

  4. […] [Glad I didn’t peek at future Blogging 101 assignments before posting my comments yesterday, because it makes today’s assignment — write a post inspired by one of those comments — all the more interesting. Going to take this opportunity to write a short scene for the novel I’m drafting on my blog, a scene focused on a character whose voice is partly inspired by one of my favorite poets and bloggers, Maggie Mae.] […]

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