Three Minutes In

Three minutes in – I am a dream.
Have you ever been met
by a mirror? Twisted like
eyebrows in confusion.
Steel eye compartments
ready for battle.

Nail my head to the floor,
my only choice is to look up
to neighbors…
to enemies.

The minutes slice off the clock
as we talk – I am imaginary.
She sees me with her husband,
white t-shirt sucked to my
chest, wet from digestion –
I am the dark apple.

My bags are packed, my body
on 90 miles per hour.
The hidden highway – I carve three minutes in-
distressed almond skinny
dipping in shame.
Have you seen me today?
Have you looked in the mirror?

3 thoughts on “Three Minutes In

  1. Maggie, love your writing. Love how you bleed, love how you embrace the here and now, on what is happening in your life. Remain strong, and continue on your journey, as I will. One kindred spirit to another.

  2. “Twisted like eyebrows in confusion./Steel eye compartments
    ready for battle … I am the dark apple.”

    It’s hard to explain analytically, but you have an incredible talent for using concrete imagery in a mesmerizing way.

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