To Prove Something

The best part of the sun, where it melts away for its own reflection.
To prove something.

We stand in snake skin and
leopard print, digging for
bones of the extinct

while money blows up the noses
of our youth.

I thought about you today.
Your early reflection smoking
life into you,
black coffee lungs watching the sunrise bring life into
the rest of us.

My skin is hanging up now.
I am melting away for my reflection to do the same.
To prove something.

13 thoughts on “To Prove Something

  1. Too much…. this one brings me too much. It’s not pain, not sadness, but, the echo of both… That’s too many echos for me; I already wobble when I whistle….

    gigoid, the dubious

    and, no, I don’t always know what it means, either…. I just know it’s true….

    nrm, aka gtd…

    • 🙂 Some times its too much when Im writing it and I make myself keep going. And sometimes I don’t know what I mean either.

      • Oh, your writing SO doesn’t suck! That poem was amazing, so full of imagery – and that line “black coffee lungs watching the sunrise bring life into
        the rest of us”, I just love it. It’s like listening to music. I kept meaning to read more of your poems but I kinda lost your blog. But so glad I found it again today! And in perfect time.

      • oh man …. thank you so much for saying this. Thank you truly!! I hope you stay around and I see more of you 🙂 Have a wonderful day my friend!

      • Also if you have fb you can follow my page. I always put a link up on there when I post a new piece. 🙂

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