spiders inside me



In the morning he crawls across me
pasting me with his skin

his limp tongue travels around the clock


I watch the fan spin my blood to a thick boil
fists tied white
chest tight
open wide…..

spiders crawl in
feeding ammunition
his slow words lock the air
his hard wear
my pulled hair

I’m twisted around this prison
caged in a dark rhythm
until the deep alarm
the heartbeat

his slimy little army marches through deep flesh
he smiles
trying to disarm me

and I watch the fan spin around and around
and wait for the
spiders to crawl out.

29 thoughts on “spiders inside me

    • I like that you are appreciative of the written word 🙂 Even when the written word is a bit edgy….some people don’t.

      • Believe me – I know exactly what you mean. I also speak of dark things and people turn away because they can’t handle anything “dark”. It’s simply a fact of life as I see it. I actually think you’re healthier if you can sit with darkness and see the beauty despite it. That takes insight from acknowledging that life has dark sides I guess. I really did appreciate how the spidery affect was held aloft in the words you used….spindly legs touching ground like pin tips across your self…??

      • I totally agree with you. I feel more calm when I acknowledge the dark stuff inside myself instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. “…spindly legs touching ground like pin tips across your self…??”” Exactly!!! The exact feeling of disgust!!

      • Nope you’re totally on board!! It is definitely a reflection of sex…it is expressing the unfortunate feelings that people who struggle emotionally with a physically intimate situation. I don’t know if that makes sense?!

      • Yes it does. I know there are many ways to struggle, especially with physically intimate situations – mentally intimate situations…imagined intimate situations… the dark side rises to be seen again in many forms. What is nice about this is the universal quality of it. Thank you – damn you have a lot of followers! I’d get paranoid with that many people trailing me. haha

  1. This is very good. Definitely makes my skin crawl. Strong visuals and very unsettling emotions. I really enjoy it though. I’m trying to slip out of my skin as I type this. Bravo. 😉

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