Away With The Night

You who are with me,
who ache with me, please,
lay still, hold your breathing –
we are sinking
we sink,

beneath wings of bad mothers,
through sad voices of home
our dead limbs fall off,
our bones sleep on their own.

You who are with me,
who are silent at night,
who separate stars, who burn with out light

hold on
hold on
to the hands of these words
we are sinking
we sink

through this very dry Earth.
God isn’t softening,
we are starved by disease,
by darkness, by deepness
of the valley’s between us.

You who are with me,
who ache life away, lay still,
hold your breathing,
hold on to your life,
we are sinking
we sink

away with the night!

About Maggie Mae

"I write because I must". I am a poet of dark imagery. I write what I feel and how I see the world at given moments. I love connecting with other writers and seeing life through their eyes, (in words). If you like what you find here, please check out my chapbook, Some Things Ache In The Dark. It is available @

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  1. whistlersbrother

    yes yes..thanks again..i commented to u over on FB

  2. TY Always seem to find the words I need and friends here. I always love your poetry.

  3. “hold on to your life”
    inspiring resilience
    laying still, breathing

  4. Your poetry is not soothing but it is stirring and thought provoking, and all the more admirable for that

  5. Nice work, Maggie…

  6. “Through sad voices of home.”

    “we are sinking
    we sink
    through this very dr earth.”

    Beautifully haunting.

  7. Missing your poems…Jeanne Marie

  8. I really like that it was cool,
    thanks for following my blog.

  9. I agree Maggie. in fact one of my Artist statements is: “Art is nothing,…nothing if not a connection” In the disjointed world these connectionc are absolutely Vital as is expression of feelings. Thanks for sharing your Poetry and thoughts. I have a book free online if you have some downtime and want to read the Poems that were inspired by my Art and informed by my Music. {I am including reviews/impressions from readers in the next edition, if you care to really absorb the work and write your feelings on it I will add it to the next edition. } Cheers! stay inspired.

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