Sad Forest Of Dread

Sad forest of dread, your morning crowds me
with loud hatred
and the whole world crawls in my head.
They sit on my couch, spilling coffee and
lies. Gross laughter – snorting
at sticky children.

I have said that I am not a city
to muck around, but they watch me
like my ancient bricks are
Italian art,

my legs,
my hands,
my lips become earthquakes

I am the black silence, awkwardly shaking
against the wall while a baby
crunches tomatoes against my skull,
and this flimsy morning is
scalding me with people

carrying invitations to disease.
I want to be free of
this nausea
and take some of their trade,
but I cannot.

My skin has been nourished by neglect
and poverty, I’ve been
eating grass roots and building castles
for worms,

and if you follow my example, you might be the
wisest, and the loneliest,
to ever sit in this sad, sad forest
of dread.

26 thoughts on “Sad Forest Of Dread

  1. I may have to steal “nourished by neglect.” There are so many things one could do with those two words together. Lock ’em up tight so I don’t run off with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Splendid! Loved it. Specially the phrase…” I want to be free of this nausea…” I can connect so well with it and whole poem.

  3. Your word choice is evocative and visceral. Loved…spilled coffee and lies…told me so much about those people. Brilliant work.

  4. Maggie, you never cease to amaze me. I truly read your poetry as a child might – wide-eyed with wonder and when I’m finished, your words still continue to prance. I know of this sad, sad forest as well; at least now I know it’s populated…

    Well done, Maggie!

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  6. it’s touching ,i liked the way you breathed life in a the house ,it’s a house right? It’s like a piece of magic that you can read heart-wrenching words woven by a dying house ,you’re ingenious .My favorite line is “My skin has been nourished by neglect
    and poverty, Iโ€™ve been
    eating grass roots and building castles
    for worms,” this line beers the essence of our beings we’re doomed to be preyed on by worms ,it’s a strong message indeed .Keep the good work =)arabian roses

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