The Whisper

A whisper,
sapphire, spiral breath
in the air. We choke
on language. Our silent hands
hold each other
up. The staircase
is a treacherous place,

I at the top.
You at the bottom
of a death match,
strangled by guilt,
waiting for a whisper to
mend your wounds.

You turned me to salt.
I do not breathe.
I cannot whisper.
My eyes have become two
blue deserts.
My voice, a cactus.
I am rolling over barren land,
searching for hard water

and you stand, at the bottom
of the world, in a white ocean begging
me to whisper.

14 thoughts on “The Whisper

  1. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your work and when you get that chapbook together, I’d like to figure out a way to get a copy.

    Tony B

  2. Yes I like this too…though I do not usually go for such free form verse – to do well with that you really have to be good with words….and you are. Love the sounds here too.

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