This Wild Death

I am sitting in a mirror,
hurrying truth faster than it has time
to find itself,
my skin is catching up
and I am missing everything.

I let the tigers out, they crawl
around, scratching my walls,
guarding the music that played three years ago
while I unwrapped myself
for love. I can not
make them leave!

This room is buried
deeper than his coffin. I breathe
less than the body he left
behind, tight blue lips
how cold it is down here!

Dig me out of this mirror,
this wild death! Is killing me
a plan? Is taking life
straight from my skin
a revenge? I can not
start a dead heart. I can not.


22 thoughts on “This Wild Death

  1. You have a strong sense for metaphor and some truly memorable lines. “This room is buried/deeper than his coffin” beautifully revealed and never said forcefully or directly. Also, “tight blue lips whisper/how cold it is down here.” Haunting.

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  3. I second. Your poetry always makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s got to be a good thing, right? It’s like feeling someone blowing on your neck but each time you turn around, there is no one there.

  4. I truly appreciate your ability to capture the experience of being bipolar. As a poet, I have often tried to do the same and struggle to find words that make sense (maybe that’s the truth of the matter). As of late however I have been banging away at this with some success. Keep on putting those words together. Have you ever published?

  5. I guess I’m just joining a mob of voices in saying WOW! I am and have been in awe of your expressiveness. I would like to invite you, if you’re interested, to pledge to A Canvas Of The Minds – a collaboration of bloggers committed to mental health. I know your blog is about more than this, but if you are interested in finding out more, the link is – thanks again for the inspiration you give me!

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  7. Simply brilliant. I do not study poetry and so can say little of use except that I really appreciate the thoughts and feelings- heavy, from a real place, and yet vague enough to enjoy. Thank you.

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