Swarming in with poisoned tips tucked
under innocence,
Nature’s vengeance dancing from
flower to flower,

no matter the color,
or the size,
or shape.

They are the thieves of each unique
and I wonder,

Do they watch for the tulip to open toward the warmth of the sun?
Do they wait for a rose to display her heart proudly?
Do they time each moment precisely
for attack?

The light of the sun is unconditional;
food for the flowers,
heat for the thieves,

and on those magical days,
when I am the Bells of Ireland,
hungry for the warmth of my Sun,

they swarm in and attack!


20 thoughts on “THE LAUGH OF THE BEES

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  2. “Food for the flowers,
    heat for the thieves”

    I scramble for words to express my relation and appreciation for this piece, but I feel this excerpt will echo in my head throughout today.

    Your poetry is exquisite, I feel a lot less alone reading it and imagine many others feel the same. Thank you.

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