The Girl In The Mirror

Over and over,
dry skin flakes off my shoulders,
crumbs of a younger me,
revealing new layers that nobody
has seen.

I watch the girl in the mirror watch
back. We do not know each
other and, I think, we never will.


44 thoughts on “The Girl In The Mirror

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  2. you can see her because shes the past but she cant see you because youre in the future.. thats why you never met..
    i used to think that i wont like growing old.. but then i realized that growing is wonderful and if getting old is a condition of it, well then im all out with loosing the ‘bragging rights of youth’
    interesting poem

  3. i don’t like mirrors. barely look at them, surly not to see myself. They are good for watching others. to see myself all i have to do is close my eyes and stare into the darkness.

  4. I like our stuff. Reading work like yours makes me a better poet. Not because I might steal your poetry, but only that I may learn from your style, which is very good. Thanks also for commenting on my work. It means a lot coming from you.

  5. “I watch the girl in the mirror watch
    back. We do not know each
    other and, I think, we never will.”
    Very thought provoking lines!
    The girl in the mirror can be your best friend with a little bit of effort and honesty. And yes, courage! Sometimes we are too scared of ourselves . πŸ™‚

  6. hey it was good to hear from you! hope you are doing well. if you didn’t catch my July posts about the tri nity rhat God gave me while I was in the hospital with that blood clot in my lung please do and telll me what you think. is it clearly written? is it a good explanation? please ket me know.
    my thanks for your time.

  7. I myself am on the journey of knowing. And I must say, appreciate yourself, you write beautifully and you reach people wonderfully. You’re not alone in not knowing, look at all the likes and comments here. Keep up the wonderful poetry!
    Also thanks for stopping by at my blog!

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