There Is One Song

There is a song, just one,
that brings him to me.
It rolls in slowly,
a drum beats lowly,
a repetitive wave that wraps
his thick arms around me,

piano keys move softly, light
fingers that grip my arms, pulling
me on to his warm chest.

She raises her golden voice to
dim candle light, our bodies braided
in shadow on his impenetrable walls.

My heart beats in my toes,
my fingertips,
I am nothing but pulse as he grazes
me with his full lips,

the piano keys surge,
the drums urge him to sink deep
within me,

her voice becomes the  angel of depth.
I shed my skin before him, an offering;
begging him to belong
to the music forever.

My heart beat follows
his fingertips outlining my sleek design,
my breath, taken by his touch,
the piano drips between my thighs,
his blue eyes recite the sky,
his honest promise.

The drum beats slow,
the piano keys gather his warm
body, his lips, his touch and
leave me alone with all the words I
want to say,

but my voice cannot reach over this song.

12 thoughts on “There Is One Song

  1. Sensual and sexual… but then you throw it into ambiguity with the last line, the slightly troubling notion of the lover’s “song” overpowering, almost smothering the power of speech. Could be read as romantic, could be read as sinister…. And I’m guessing this ambiguity is intentional. Clever.

  2. that’s a steamer for sure. it’s a good thing i have contacts in this morning instead of wearing glasses. i wasn’t quite awake before i got to this one, but i think i am now.

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