Loose Old Man

I know that his balls are old under his brown
slacks. I know that his old charming ways
slither softer than ever before. I bet the hard morning air, where sex used
to greet young, fertile sex, now stings

I bet his bones pick up the slack
from the way he bent himself in his
twenty’s. I imagine he spent many hours
on all four’s, in preparation, for
salivation and conception.

All these things that he dashes off in pride;
the streets,
the actresses,
the cosmos,

must not make up, now, for the way his skin sags.
This must be why his poor, old tongue sags.

My grandfather told me that loose lips are the sign
of a boy, not a man.


17 thoughts on “Loose Old Man

  1. Hell, Maggie Mae, your old guy sounds a bit like me in my 80s, but I like to think I’m in better shape than he is.

    • Depending on the person….could very well be. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to everyone. AND an unkind person could very well have had a fantastic life, but does not change the fact that, that person is unkind.

  2. maggie…i love the rawness of this all the way through. it’s message that it implies straight up. but i also see it from the muse standpoint especially in regards to the last four lines – the old tongue sags and the loose lips, but it’s so subtle one has too look for it. i love looking for muse interplay and hopefully i’ve spotted it:)

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