I Will, I Will Do Now

My head, my long head burns
in fury as my teeth expand. I can taste gun powder.
It is only what I knew,
not what I begin to know now.

I can become a tomato, only when
I become a tomato.
I am not whole, or ripe,
or sweet, red flesh,
until then.

I will only be a youthful green seed, now.

And what will I do with myself?
I have let fat, green worms slither
around my precious skin.
I have laid root in rocky, dry soil.
I have hidden my aching vines from
and that was all then.

Now, my face pulsates as I grind
my teeth on old leather,
fighting expansion,
embracing the tension,

and I will, I will do with my sweet,
ripe fruit what I know now.


16 thoughts on “I Will, I Will Do Now

  1. Nice! A perfect picture of potential developing in peace. (The alliteration is unintentional but I’m leaving it because it amuses me.) Enjoyed this one.

  2. So I am reading your poetry on a Sunday morning while my coffee sits beside me losing its heat, its edge and turning just somewhat too bitter … this morning your poems are better than caffeine.

  3. great imagery here maggie. you know how to tackle the darker side very well, but the ending certainly could be attributed to experience and now see a better side.

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