I Know This Man

*This is a bit risque…so…if you aren’t an adult, don’t read it…LOL

I feel myself screaming down low,
my curves curving more, in search of,
in need; my cave waiting,
tugging on the emptiness,
in desperation.

I know this man who is solid,
his limbs aligned, straight and hard,
as a man would be. He has been calling me
with capacity, firm grasped,
swollen purple.

He has come for me before,
it was winter, he turned me into a mermaid
and brought me to a heated spring.
I never hesitated.
That was just once.

There were several times, over several seasons
that he came for me
again, and again.
I know this man who is solid and firm
and I scream for him, my body searches for him,
I belong to him.


21 thoughts on “I Know This Man

  1. Try calling him. Sometimes works 🙂

    (Don’t mind me, can’t sleep, catching up on the latest posts, you’ve been busy, evidently)

  2. This is quite good! There’s a sense of quiet desperation about it, like a gaping emptiness beneath the desire and pleasure, or so I interpret it as such.

  3. You know, serendipity is such a crazy thing. I’ve been out of town for a few days, without internet access, and in my time away, I was reflecting on how much I love writing poetry, but hardly ever do it. And I return and discover your blog! Serendipity. Your writing is inspiring. Thank you!

    1. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this story with me. How crazy! I can’t wait to read some of yours 🙂

  4. I’ve written poetry about women being handcuffed to shower curtain rods. It wasn’t that risque. Very nice, but not risque.

      1. I thought the intro did – I might have imagined it.
        If you read any of my poetry, because I let the dark mania side of me play, it goes there.

      2. It does say “This is a bit risque . . .so if you aren’t an adult, don’t read it . . . LOL” or something like that

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