Dinner With The Snake

Dammit! I’ve run out of talent.
My shoulder blades went with the
postman. He took the world
to a yellow and green Earth.
Before he went,
he dusted my back, made everything possible.

So, I went, then,
to the bags and the boxes. I unzipped,
tore in
to avoidance, packaged away
in the belly of a red snake.

Before I sliced him through his
happily ever after, I built a
midnight picnic
on a grease infused concrete.
We drank everything

We had beautiful words
through midnight and on
till dawn. The snake rolled
his yellow eyes to the back of his throat,
any chance he may have had to strike back.

I leaned in with quick penetration,
the long, frail line of happiness


misery was back. And with it….brilliance!

7 thoughts on “Dinner With The Snake

  1. I love your work for its sheer lunacy, for its rebellion against comprehension. I don’t know what any of it means, not a snippet, but, it still fascinates me.

  2. Your absoluteness clashes brilliantly with my orderly logic and the sparks fly through the fiber optic 20-20 clarity of reason. In other words, love your work, but don’t get it in the last bit.

  3. Step
    through the gates
    through the pain
    through the wildfires we call love
    and again
    til the end

    every life
    beginning and ending again
    circles of pain
    circles again

    oh, it’s too easy
    oh, it’s too messy
    oh, it’s too logical
    and oh
    all so necessary
    cries to spirit
    Cuts like a
    baby husband, wife
    flying, bomb knife
    through history’s
    and you
    know the story
    only you
    know the plan
    from cradle to grave
    it’s a story
    we’ve all lived
    and we live it
    and again
    if you know any different
    please speak
    we crave new

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