In case of necessity, hang your husband.
Your pistol might misfire, but prevent.
It will happen, poor turtle!
Your slow shoes will be suspicious; sluggish,
dragging the accused on a rope.

What a shame personal bravery is. Suspecting
but its own heart. Much better a
widow than
a former, I suppose.

So, just in case, keep rope.
Mary or
Heather or
Anne will lay weight on
your fool. Pretty wretch!

Then wine,
then pistol,
biting cries then
She can’t escape without her eyes!

He means
to bury himself deep
in your bed,
where you may find happiness

the rope!
A whore will steal everything but!

6 thoughts on “Polly

  1. Gleeful indeed – I liked it without seeing it was my namesake! (Oh, woe is me!)

    Such a tasty poem …

    Great line ‘She can’t escape without her eyes!’

    Give them enough rope, MaggieMae ;0

  2. Thought of Polly/Nirvana, too (“I thought I should get off her, first,” ” Get some rope”, etc.). First line– is to die for! Also love the lame/shame rhyme (very natural), great rhythms there too, and love every line of that 2nd stanza: “What a shame personal bravery is. Suspecting/ everything/ but its own heart. Much better a/ widow than/ a former…”And then the last two stanzas and couplet are soo dark-but-dry wit… really clever. Clever with a message. ~ Lily

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