Midnight visits with feeble jaws,
while my teeth grind on white
horror –
my head has awaken, my body
has not.

A house is clouded with
my ghosts. Beautiful,
Numbing my legs with
a chainsaw gaze, I am barely breathing

Her pale hands reach out
my frozen plan. I am barren, dry of
thought, palpitating.

The daylight brings demons enough, but
I cannot
escape the night.
It comes as expected. Never without
ugly dread
cold sweats. Always.
soaked with paralysis, drenched
with the past.

25 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. The horror film images of chainsaws and ghosts and paralysis truly, for me, capture the irrational, yet all consuming, feeling of anxiety attacks in the dead hours of night. Very nicely done Maggie.

  2. surely you have heard Poe’s ‘Haunted’..not the olf Edgar Alan Poe but “Poe” the singer/songwriter…her CD that she put out some years ago was a point of genius although we waited for a comeback and nothing came…nevertheless her CD ‘Haunted’ was a masterpiece and for those whom never heard it–MUST….it is a psychologicial , emotional masterpiece…this kinda put me in mind of some of it..

      • wow! to find another POE fan out there in a sea of drowning souls….so coool! Her masterpiece–a complete masterpiece she could not recover from…./bowing to you/lol

  3. This was a great read. I don’t know what’s more frightening, thinking what may have caused these strong images of guilt or the fact that it is entirely possible to be tormented like this.

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