Rid these monsters of reflection.
Mirrors are vomiting
bleach blonde

Pretty, vapid
burns evidence of authenticity.

Keep their unsightly roots away!
I have grown my garden of
over years of exiguous soil. Chemicals
will kill me.

Lost? Indeed! On every climate,
heads over porcelain, hoping
heave in that enamel gloss,
they export
beauty with unique finger tips;

to be a reflection
of another one,

17 thoughts on “ZombieBleach.

  1. Love it!!! Be natural. Be yourself. Wisely and honestly and poetically said. Thank you for sharing your originality.

  2. Your poems are most unlike the average writer.
    I hope you manage to really find your stride and core voice, to me that’s more important for a poet than anyone else.
    And thanks for visiting my blog, nice to see a new face.

  3. this word: exiguous . if an educated reader has to look up a word, then there are probably better words out there. i had to look it up, and i know i’m more educated than the average person. so i’d consider not using words that cause someone extra work. at the same time, it’s always good to learn new words, but it breaks a reader’s rhythm in the poem when we have to stop and think about a word.

    but it’s not my poem. i’m just one person who is not the most important person.

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