Epictetus 1 – 29

The Manual was written. I read that I can be invincible,
that I must walk
and breathe
and speak as if I were at a banquet.

I am an impression that must study – office
and wealth –
and no person can harm me.

I read that I will not be disturbed
by grim ‘Takers’, if I kiss and say to myself that
I am being kissed!

Around number 6, I am a  handsome
horse! Prideful; dealing with impressions
on my own pact with nature. But,
that was just at 6.

After that, I am selfish if I start a shellfish
voyage and do not carry-on my legs
untied! The must be bound to the

I will not ask!
I will have peace and I will not be
picked up and carried away by the claws of
impressions in flight!

I am a fool that might be bound
for slavery, yet this is where we come
back to banquet. This is where
men shed tears
over dead children;
dead things! It is here that my body
is taken over by Ravens and Omens; where impressions carry me away.

Again, I am invincible, keeping my eyes posted to
death after death notice until I become a shoemaker.
Misery becomes a mark, with good heart, and I am not
ashamed to do so!



32 thoughts on “Epictetus 1 – 29

    • 🙂 Yeah?? This was a really new concept for me, but I’m so excited about it. I loved the way it turned out. Thank you for reading it and letting me hear your thoughts!!

  1. Great attempt of Epictetus philosophy in your verse!
    Control what you can, which is yourself. Try not to control outside events that are mostly bound by fate…..

  2. Maggie… due to email burial, I didn’t see this until today, the 7th…. and can only say, fucking amazing! (pardon my french, if it offends you… just couldn’t get enough into another word I could think of)… I use Epictetus’ work often in my blog; he was a deeply insightful thinker, and this is astoundingly accurate in feel…. whew, again….

  3. Anybody ever tell you how amaZing! your Blog is? Well, I decided it needed a: Most Versitile Blogger Nomination. Enjoy, Miss Maggie Mae!

  4. Hey,
    I’ve taken a bit to look over your site (or links). Your a very busy young lady. I’m impressed with the “The girl Only”, I think thats what it was; and your published art, in and included-in mags. I’ve read a few of your poems ( some I loved, some I liked, some I wasn’t sure of – but, all were really nice).
    I and me dog were out for a walk … “exercise you know”, and I have a busy dae ahead and part of that was to look at some of your stuff (which is the enjoyable part). The rest will be fun too, but it’ll be academic duty. Looking at your poetry was “academic joy”.
    So, thats all … have a greatdae!
    You be well,

    • 🙂 Well thank you for stopping by and saying “Hi”. I hope you have a fabulous day with your dog and your academics! You brightened my day with your comment! Thanks.

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