Blackball Grumbler

The disease in my brain is against all
this joy! A Blackball Grumbler who sculpts; Brute
hands. I am clay.

Morning. Beauty bows before me as I adapt
to sun luster. My feet go dancing
through crush puddles, smiling
at Emily’s “thing with feathers”.

I have been seized by desire, lacking nothing
of devotion,
A free life will make nothing of
space for flies….

and the flies are swarming in;
screaming pollutants.

My Air!!
Oh God, My Air!

Inhale. Fly wings. Pinions of
I choke on despair. Discouragement
wrapping Brute hands
around my skinny neck.

Last night, I met Concord on
a front porch. We knelt together
as if flies never existed.

But, it is today. Every last
night, on front porch kneeling,
is outlived by the sunlight
that feeds
flies to the Blackball Grumbler.

25 thoughts on “Blackball Grumbler

  1. Hey Maggie, I really loved this poem, as I will continue to read more. But in this poem, your beautiful powerful flowing words, and the meanings, which made your poem very lyrical to me. You are so talented, and an amazing writer. As with you I am assuming you deal with depression, your powerful poetry and amazing writing (that I am jealous of, I wish I had a talent for writing. But getting to the point your poetry and writings can be a skill to handle your pain/troubles, that I might be wrong but it can help deal with what life gives us. And basically never give up on what you do fantastic, never give up on your passions and dreams. With writing your poem, it has related to me and inspired me, and helped me, as I am sure your work here will help and inspire others as well. And please correct me if I made any wrong or incorrect assumptions here.

    • I love that you left this comment to me. These are exactly the reason I write. I have had struggles with depression/anxiety, PTSD, OCD…bleh LOL The list goes on. Writing is a HUGE outlet for me and I always hope that someone can relate to it like I have other writers. Thank you Bean, for your comment and for your kindness! Truly appreciated!

  2. Loving the allusion to ‘Hope’, which is one of the world’s most beautiful poems – to me, you have a wonderful dichotomy going on in the final line with hope denied as the flies are fed to the Blackball Grumbler – very interesting Maggie, you never fail to fascinate 🙂

  3. “Last night, I met a Concord on
    a front porch. We knelt together
    as if flies never existed.”

    love it maggie!!! keep up the awesome work please.

  4. The best beauty is birthed from pain. You have some good stuff here.
    thanks for stopping by my blog (s)
    I don’t know that I want to wish my poetry reaches this level of art.
    It seems that my best stuff (not available anymore)
    always occurred when I was hurting the most.
    Although things in my life are still not obviously healthy,
    I am beginning to be able to imagine good things coming once again.
    I hope the same is true for you.

    • awww…thank you very much. Good things always lurk in and out along with the bad 🙂 I wish all those good things that you imagine keep coming!!! Thanks for the comment. I love when I get to hear the thoughts of other people. It’s too bad your poetry isn’t available anymore 😦 I love reading it as much as I love writing it.

  5. everything I have read from you really hits me hard. I love your writting style! ^_^ Just looking back on my first poem I submitted, you liked it and I hadn’t read anything of yours before hand. I’m so honored after reading your poems because of the mastery you use in each and every one. ^_^ Thank you Maggie. I love your poetry.

    • Wow! That means so much to me. 🙂 I’m beyond “happy” or “glad” that you enjoy it. Thanks for taking a few minutes to tell me this. It is soooo appreciated, my friend!

      • Well thank you so much for writting! ^_^ Since I’ve started on here, you have inspired me to want to continue more and more. ^_^ thank you.

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