To You Who Might Be My Next Lover

…and where did you meet her? On
Scottish streets? In a chic bakery?
Did she La-Dee-Dah in silk

Her name is Wife. I know about her.
Past lovers speak of
treachery. They brought her in on
ropes twisted from her
French Scarves, tied her to their clumsy

They never replaced their belts…
or their shoes! Walking on old, worn soles.
Treading cautiously, as one step might
shred a shoe at its seams.

Each lover gave me permission to
remove their dirty
belt at night, doors holding off
Wives for the night.

Morning brought them back with vengeance. As belts
back on vacillating hips, claiming

an old Wife would
strike! Agitated clouds would roll in, graying their eyes.
A former storm taking them back
to when they met her.

And she will take you away, too. Back to
dirty streets of Scotland,
to poison you
with silk stockings.

20 thoughts on “To You Who Might Be My Next Lover

    • Hmmmm…that’s not ringing a bell. I’ll have to google it…..

      Okay did that. I’ll have to read that. That one sounds interesting. Have you read anything by Henrik Ibsen?? I love his writing. Hedda Gabler and A Doll’s House are my favorites.

      • I think you would enjoy Margaret Atwood – purely from some of your subject matter and style. Handmaiden’s is a good place to start: it’s upsetting in places, but makes me think.

        I remember reading “A Doll’s House” a looooooong time ago at uni, but haven’t touched Ibsen since. Perhaps time for a revisit… Thanks for the recommendation. πŸ™‚

      • Thank YOU also for the recommendation. I think I came across Margaret Atwood in a tiny dose in College, but same for me, I haven’t picked up anything of hers in a looong time. I’m excited to read her now!

  1. Boy, I’m glad you are you, and all the visions you have in you come to us the way they do…. I don’t think I could handle it myself…. way too much power for me…. πŸ˜‰ Especially as I’ve encountered silk stockings in a chic bakery before, and have a healthy respect for their dangerous nature….

    • In looking at what I just wrote, I feel compelled to note that the word ‘Boy’ is an expression of emotion, and does not refer to you… I’d probably have been clearer to write..”Girl, I’m glad…etc.” It would have avoided confusion..

      The rest is all on the money….

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