Lynch Law

I live angrily as
a nest keeper.  Of giant twigs,
stressed circles, cradled
meadow sprigs –

a sharp bed intrusive to Slumber-
land. A rude
carnivore bites at my tanned
leg lines.

Once, I rolled toward
nest Head,
Bed Bug…

his bullish limbs
clutched my merit,
kindred as
orange and red compass.

We slammed hammers to habit,
congested air particles with
polluted hate vomit, we
danced each other into cement,
off skyscrapers to meat cleaver sidewalks.

Until, nests became pine boxes.

Boulders rolled in,
crushed my nose into
lines of dead life, I inhaled.

With everything I had, I inhaled, as
shards of pine darted
from his eyes.
Lies followed, grabbing each arm, lifting
my body
through gray skies. Tears wobbled out mortified
raining small crux drops

over orange-red meadow sprigs,
ambiguous  layers shed under liquid

Now, I live angrily as
nest keeper,
whistling out  at dead meadow
straw to rope Lynch Law in,
Justice for Him.


16 thoughts on “Lynch Law

  1. Always powerful images…. some more disturbing than others, for sure…. this one has to be in the “better out than in” category, seems to me…. brilliant… I’m beginning to think you don’t know any other way to be…. 🙂

  2. oh your skills are awesome at this. I must say sometimes the words are so enjambled that I struggle to connect as they flow into each other without a pause until the end.

  3. The rhythm and the color and the weight of this creates a certain beauty of understanding. I felt myself twisting sideways and upside down, but my, did I love it!

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