Featured Artist @ Soujourners Indecisive

Hey everyone,

Check out http://www.sojournersindecisive.com/maggie-mae/  An innovative and interactive blog, SojournersIndecisive.com is a community with a broad scope, seeking unique approaches to the arts. We are a growing collaboration of growing contributors for growing audiences.

I am a featured artist at Soujourners Indecisive and they have many other artists that they showcase. It’s a great place to check out!!

Much Love To All Of You Innocents….XOXOXO


10 thoughts on “Featured Artist @ Soujourners Indecisive

  1. Thanks for sharing the link, I have started checking it out and I’m glad to read what is there. And I have to mention, the link took me to a beautiful and brilliant artist…

  2. Maggie Mae…. nice to see you getting the attention and promotion your talent deserves… and who would have guessed how gorgeous you are? 🙂 Your joyous, innocent smile certainly belies the darkness and depth of the power you let out in your verse…. good on ya!…. 🙂 And no worries… no perversion intended here; you look to be about my daughter’s age…. 😉

      • Oh, good! I do worry about that, when I’m commenting on some of the sites I go to often… it seems like there are a large number of beautiful young women out there writing some pretty amazing stuff, in all genres, and I can get a bit excitedly pedantic, or overly-enthused in my comments, I realize, and don’t want to be seen as some kind of old fart ogling the young pretty girls…. though I must admit to having a keen appreciation of beauty, I’m a bit old to let it become an obsession…. any who, take care, & keep on writing, (as if your creative urge would ever stop you from doing so…) We are the ones who benefit from it….. 🙂

  3. Hey Maggie Mae, I have found you. ” Egg Allergy” reminds me of my sister at Easter (She’s allergic to eggs). Keep on writing — I’ll keep on reading.

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